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MEEWIZ , the speed-meeting platform for your business events

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What is a MEEWIZ speed-meeting?

A MEEWIZ speed-meeting is a dedicated session within a professional event for face-to-face meetings.
Meetings are arranged based on preferences expressed by participants.
It feels like a speed-dating event with only relevant meetings.

Why MEEWIZ disrupts networking events?

Traditional networking gatherings over a coffee or a drink are inefficient to meet the most relevant people.
How to spot and to approach interesting contacts within a bustling crowd?

No more random networking

Choose to meet the most relevant people for you.

Get out of your comfort zone

Meet new people and enlarge your network.

100% distraction-free time

Seating face to face for 15 minutes, you have in-depth quality discussions.

Who can organize a MEEWIZ speed-meeting event?

Company, professional association, event agency: add a speed-meeting session to your next seminar or to your next corporate event.

Compatible with any event

Surprise your participants with an innovative speed-meeting session. Only 1 1/2 hours are enough.

Efficient from 15 people

MEEWIZ is suitable for large events and also for small internal gatherings.

A simple and reliable solution

MEEWIZ brings you 10 years experience in speed-meeting. It is simple and it works!

How does a MEEWIZ speed-meeting unfolds?

1 - Registration
Participants register online and fill in their profile. You can also upload an Excel file.
2 - Meeting preferences
Each participant prioritize his meeting preferences.
3 - Agenda optimization
Our proprietary algorithm optimize meeting schedules for each participant.
4 - Meetings
It is D-day: a maximum of face-to-face meetings take place.
5 - Follow-up
MEEWIZ helps you increase the positive outcome of each meeting. You have a complete dashboard of the event.


MEEWIZ stands for "meeting wizard".
For more than 10 years, our wizards organize speed-meeting events in all sizes: from large international forums (for example in Château de Versailles) to small team-building meetings.
We believe that professional events need to be more interactive.
MEEWIZ is our answer: a turnkey platform to plan and organize speed-meeting events.
Any organizer can now easily improve networking outcome during his events.

Use cases

Trianon Startups

Trianon Startups

"In 20 minutes, we have enough time to talk about a concrete cooperation opportunity."

  • Target: Foster cooperation between large French corporations and Russian startups
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  • Organizer: Travailler Ensemble / Dialogue de Trianon
  • Location: Château de Versailles
  • Date: April 2019
  • Event type: International B2B meeting
  • Participants: 45 companies
  • Duration: One day and 18 meeting slots

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Coalpin camp

Speed meeting CoAlpin Camp

"Inspiring and humane encounters!"

  • Target: Share experience between project initiators and seasoned entrepreneurs
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  • Organizer: La Cordée Annecy
  • Location: Woodstock Garden, Annecy
  • Date: July 2019
  • Event type: Local networking event
  • Participants: 20 people
  • Duration: 1 1/2 hour et 4 slots

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Sales & Marketing seminar

"Perfect to rediscover colleagues. We addressed topics we have no time for on a daily basis."

  • Target: Boost sales
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  • Organizer: an international industrial company
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Date: September 2016
  • Event type: Internal seminar
  • Participants: 50 people
  • Duration: 2 hours and 10 slots

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Team building

Team meeting

"We initiated personal connections among colleagues who normally work in different locations."

  • Target: Create a team spirit within a team distributed over 3 countries
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  • Organizer: Somfy South Eastern Europe
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Date: December 2017
  • Event type: Team building
  • Participants: 23 people
  • Duration: 1h10 and 7 slots

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